Bantam - Bantam CD


Debut album from NYC power trio Bantam, formed by Gina Volpe of Lunachicks fame. Heavy grooves, moody melody, angst ridden choruses with a few punk songs thrown in to remind us that Gina hasn't forgotten her roots.


"Bantam transmits hard-rock/punk & metal with a firm understanding of sneaking in the hook" -VILLAGE VOICE


Good music, no matter what genre, endures all fads. It doesn’t have a shelf life. BANTAM doesn’t make music that’ll sound good this year but fade out after some electro-synth-garage-nu-pop-Baroque-chamber-core quartet explodes onto the scene. Good music has to have groove; it needs layers, texture, and visceral energy. And you have to know how to bring it alive when it comes time to get onstage. BANTAM’s singer/guitarist GINA VOLPE knows this. She had plenty of time to practice with her other band, the seminal NYC punk rock band the LUNACHICKS. Now she takes a new turn and brings it up a few notches with her NYC power trio BANTAM. Making heavy rock n roll that you’ll keep coming back to, after all the glitter and grime wears off of the other stuff.