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Sometimes it seems that you’ve got it all figured out and then sometimes a global pandemic arises out of nowhere and explodes all of your plans into smoldering bits. Best not to get too comfortable. It’s a practice Gina Volpe has embraced as a prolific musician/visual artist/composer ever since forming her first band back in high school, NYC’s legendary female rockers the Lunachicks.


Volpe’s response to the pandemic? Just keep creating. Even if it means recording over Zoom with powerhouse producer Barb Morrison, the music doesn’t stop - it never has for Volpe. She’s in it for the long haul, and with her latest 3 song single, “Chaos Agent” she’s got something to show for her time in lockdown.


The brooding yet melodic title track, “Chaos Agent”, describes an invisible (and unpredictable) disrupting force that lurks beside our everyday lives with Volpe softly whispering lyrics such as, “…and like that, it’s gone, up in smoke.” Nodding to all of the cancelled plans of 2020 - some of which include the (now postponed) sold out reunion shows that Volpe was planning with her old band. 


Blending analog and electronic elements in with her signature guitar sound, Volpe has found a way to fuse a foundation of pop, heavy chunky rock riffs, electro and dance sounds that reflect her hometown’s all-in ethos. “There is so much incredible music out there to draw from and I want to incorporate all my favorite bits.” Volpe exclaims.


Beginning with her 2017 debut solo EP, ‘Different Animal’ and followed by 2019’s monthly singles project, “Winter To Spring,” Volpe’s songs have drawn comparisons to everyone from St. Vincent and The Kills to Queens of the Stone Age and Fever Ray. 


The tracks on “Chaos Agent” continue to demonstrate Volpe’s varied tastes. In “30 Days,” a light hearted pop-sing along, Volpe recounts relatable feelings of loneliness, loss and a general nostalgia for our lives before Covid. The electro/rock/disco stunner,“Secret Weapon,” follows with a hefty but danceable beat that bounces alongside lyrics inviting the listener to try their luck by giving someone/something they might normally overlook a chance. “You never know what could happen..” Volpe hints in the chorus. 


And while that may be true now more than ever, one thing we do know that will happen is; creativity never expires and the beat never stops- at least not for Gina Volpe.

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