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Gina Volpe's power trio Bantam band

Good music, no matter what genre, endures all fads. It doesn’t have a shelf life. BANTAM’s singer/guitarist

GINA VOLPE knows this. She's had plenty of time to practice with her other band, the seminal NYC punk band, 

LUNACHICKS. Now she takes a new turn and brings it up a few notches with her NYC power trio BANTAM.

 With songs that are equal parts bruising and blushing, BANTAM is out to light a flame under the ass of rock-n-roll.


BANTAM’s second release, “Suicide Tourist” (following their 2002 self titled debut release) is further proof of the bands' growth since forming in 2001. 13 songs that span a wide range of raw emotion and blunt aggression, Gina is the DaVinci of heavy songwriting. Songwriting that feels like it’s been revived from a lost art in the land of loud rock n roll. “... Marrying brute force with bewitching melodies, the songs drop like an anvil-a sexy anvil…”- Village Voice.


On “Suicide Tourist” you are lured down a dark, winding corridor with melodic nuances that snag you along the way.  BANTAM’s other key ingredients are made up of drummer Pete hitting the drums like they owe him money (which he always gets) and bassist Doug whose angelic vocals contrasted with his deep booming bass adds depth and dissonance like a good kick in the gut.


People routinely flocked to BANTAM shows, packing the clubs wall-to-wall, and banging their heads in unison to monolithic tunes. Sharing the stage with bands such as, High On Fire, Eagles of Death Metal and Nashville Pussy, BANTAM was busy spreading their gospel live while receiving admirable (and repeated) praise from the Village Voice, Time Out NY, NYPress, & Venus to name a few.


Although BANTAM disbanded in 2006 the trio reunited in 2022 to release their first single in over a decade entitled, 

'YO-YO' dropping on 10/14/22. Get ready to rock again 'cause BANTAM ain't done lighting that flame.

Consider yourself warned.

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